Legion TD Game Modes

Recently there are alot of Legion TD games created at Battle Net, but some of the server doesnt even know what is the basic game modes for this game. Thats why im trying to share my favorite gamemodes.


-hp : Host Pick – host pick a race, every given same race as host.
-mm : Master Mind – Restricted vision on enemy’s map and information.
-hg : Hour Glass – Receive gold for enemy leaks (that reach the King).
-x3 : 3 Time – more creeps spawn.

if you want, you could replace -hp with one of these two,
-ar : All Random – All players are given a random race.
-sd : Single Draft – All players are given 2 random races to choose.

Please enter mode in 15 seconds after game start. I hope it helps and btw, my map is Legion TD Mega 3.43.
Enjoy 🙂

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about 8 years ago

still best towerdefence map of wc3


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