DotA’s Castle Fight Game Mode

from what i’ve read here, Castle Fight’s gamemode need to be entered by player 1 in the first 20 seconds of gametime before round 1 starts.
It has lots of gamemodes, while my favorite is

-rr2 -ntb -nt -nafk -balance -slb -ur -fow -ca -ban -skip

-rr2 = Random races with new races each round with 2 win limit
-ntb = You can’t build Treasure Boxes when this modification has been chosen.
-nt = You don’t have to pay taxes on your income when No Taxes is chosen.
-nafk = Players can’t use the “-afk” command and the AI will also not take control over an afk player after some time.
-balance = Activates auto team balance.
-slb = Units can only move / fly over one lane. -sl picks a random lane while -slt picks the top lane and -slb the bottom lane
-ur = A race can be chosen only once per round (even across the teams).
-fow = There will be Fog of War at the beginning of each round for X seconds. If you just write -fow without a number, you will have indefinite fog of war.
-ca = You are able to block units by building buildings around them in this gamemode. You can use this to build farms like in earlier versions
-ban = Before races get picked/randomed the leader of each team bans X races which cannot be picked/randomed then
-skip = Write this during the first 20 seconds to start round1 immediately (if you have already chosen gamemodes and can’t wait )

Have Fun playing it. 😉



about 9 years ago

what is the best mode for that



about 9 years ago

Hi Animus, well my mode is -rr2 -ntb -nt -nafk -balance -slb -ur -fow -ca -ban -skip :)

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