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Creating a Simple Jenkinsfile Pipeline Script which Called Other Jenkinsfile from Git

Sometimes we want to update some part of our Jenkins job, but if i have like 50 jobs does it means that i have to change fifty pipeline script one by one?

The solution is actually pretty much straigh forward, i can extract most of jenkinsfile script and put it on Git so that i can change it dynamically. Here is my simple script which i put on my github page

stage('Build') {

	dir("../source") {
		sh "mvn -v"
		sh "mvn clean package -f pom.xml"
		sh "mkdir /tmp/app"
		def jarFile = sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'find target -maxdepth 1 -regextype posix-extended -regex ".+\\.(jar|war)\$" | head -n 1').trim()
		sh "cp ${jarFile} /tmp/app/app.jar"
		withCredentials([file(credentialsId:'Dockerfile', variable:'Dockerfile')]) {
			sh "cp ${Dockerfile} /tmp/app/Dockerfile"
stage('Deploy') {
	sh "oc new-build --name hello-world-3 --binary -n fuse-on-ocp-c8b3 || true"
	sh "oc start-build hello-world-3 --from-dir=/tmp/app/ -n fuse-on-ocp-c8b3 --follow --wait"

I put that Jenkins script on Github, And i call on the fly from my existing project pipeline script,

node('maven') {
	stage('Clone Pipeline') {
		sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
		sh "git clone"
	stage('Clone Code') {
	    sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
	    sh "git clone source"
	stage('Start Run from Jenkinsfile on SCM') {
	    dir("jenkinsfile-example") {
		    load  'simple.jenkinsfile'

And this is the output result,


Creating a Jenkins Slave Image with Maven 3.6, Java 11 and Skopeo

Openshift have a default maven Jenkins slave image, but too bad it is build on top of Java 8. And on this project which im currently working on, i need a custom Jenkins slave but with Java 11 and the ability to move images between Image Registry. Therefore i create a custom Dockerfile which contains Skopeo, Maven 3.6.3 and Java 11. Below is the detail Dockerfile which i created,

FROM openshift/jenkins-slave-base-centos7:v3.11

MAINTAINER Muhammad Edwin < edwin at redhat dot com >


# install skopeo
RUN yum install skopeo -y && yum clean all

# install java
RUN curl -L --output /tmp/jdk.tar.gz && \
	tar zxf /tmp/jdk.tar.gz -C /usr/lib/jvm && \
	rm /tmp/jdk.tar.gz && \
	update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.2/bin/java 20000 --family java-1.11-openjdk.x86_64 && \
	update-alternatives --set java /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.2/bin/java
# Install Maven
RUN curl -L --output /tmp/${MAVEN_VERSION}/binaries/apache-maven-${MAVEN_VERSION} && \
    unzip -q /tmp/ -d /opt && \
    ln -s /opt/apache-maven-${MAVEN_VERSION} /opt/maven && \
    rm /tmp/ && \
    mkdir -p $HOME/.m2

RUN chown -R 1001:0 $HOME && chmod -R g+rw $HOME

COPY run-jnlp-client /usr/local/bin/

USER 1001

Build by using this command,

docker build -t jenkins-slave-skopeo-jdk11-new -f skopeo-jdk11.dockerfile .

Pull the image to Openshift,

oc import-image --confirm

Register on Jenkins as a

And try on

node('maven') {
	stage('Clone') {
		sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
		sh "git clone"
	stage('Build') {
		sh "mvn -v"
		sh "mvn clean package -f hello-world/pom.xml"

This is the result,

Detail code can be seen on my github page,


Running A Simple Java Application CI/CD with Jenkins and Openshift

So basically im trying to create a simple CI/CD using Jenkins which runs on top of Openshift. It will do a very simple thing, fetching code from Github, and deploy it automatically to Openshift platform.

For this example, im using my previous Github repository which located at It’s a very simple spring boot app, open an API and shows “hello world”.

But first, lets prepare our Jenkins instance on Openshift.

Once done, we can see Jenkins Dashboard.

And add Maven to Jenkins, on Manage jenkins > Global Tool Configuration

For this example, i want to deploy the app on a different Openshift project (eee project) compare to Jenkins which located on Fuse project. Therefore i need to create a service account specifially for Jenkins to deploy.

Create a simple pipeline item on Jenkins,

Which are triggered by a Poll SCM,

And after that, we can create a simple pipeline script for building the code. Changing project location to “eee”, and deploy it accordingly.

def gitRepo=""
def branch="master"

pipeline {
  agent any
  tools {
    maven 'M3'
  stages {
            git branch: branch, url: gitRepo
    stage('Build and Deploy') {    
        steps {
            sh 'oc project eee'
            sh 'mvn -B clean fabric8:deploy'

Simple isnt it? ;)