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Connecting From Jenkins to Git Repository such as Gitlab, without Plugins

Basically all you need is your repository url, username and password.

First is adding your git username and password on Jenkins credentials,

And after that, we can create a username and password credentials, and we give an id with the name of “devops”.

Use this jenkins script to execute git commands,

node('maven') {
	stage('Clone') {
		sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
		git branch:"branch-01", url:"", credentialsId:'devops'

Running A Simple Java Application CI/CD with Jenkins and Openshift

So basically im trying to create a simple CI/CD using Jenkins which runs on top of Openshift. It will do a very simple thing, fetching code from Github, and deploy it automatically to Openshift platform.

For this example, im using my previous Github repository which located at It’s a very simple spring boot app, open an API and shows “hello world”.

But first, lets prepare our Jenkins instance on Openshift.

Once done, we can see Jenkins Dashboard.

And add Maven to Jenkins, on Manage jenkins > Global Tool Configuration

For this example, i want to deploy the app on a different Openshift project (eee project) compare to Jenkins which located on Fuse project. Therefore i need to create a service account specifially for Jenkins to deploy.

Create a simple pipeline item on Jenkins,

Which are triggered by a Poll SCM,

And after that, we can create a simple pipeline script for building the code. Changing project location to “eee”, and deploy it accordingly.

def gitRepo=""
def branch="master"

pipeline {
  agent any
  tools {
    maven 'M3'
  stages {
            git branch: branch, url: gitRepo
    stage('Build and Deploy') {    
        steps {
            sh 'oc project eee'
            sh 'mvn -B clean fabric8:deploy'

Simple isnt it? 😉