Creating a Simple Jenkinsfile Pipeline Script which Called Other Jenkinsfile from Git

Sometimes we want to update some part of our Jenkins job, but if i have like 50 jobs does it means that i have to change fifty pipeline script one by one?

The solution is actually pretty much straigh forward, i can extract most of jenkinsfile script and put it on Git so that i can change it dynamically. Here is my simple script which i put on my github page

stage('Build') {

	dir("../source") {
		sh "mvn -v"
		sh "mvn clean package -f pom.xml"
		sh "mkdir /tmp/app"
		def jarFile = sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'find target -maxdepth 1 -regextype posix-extended -regex ".+\\.(jar|war)\$" | head -n 1').trim()
		sh "cp ${jarFile} /tmp/app/app.jar"
		withCredentials([file(credentialsId:'Dockerfile', variable:'Dockerfile')]) {
			sh "cp ${Dockerfile} /tmp/app/Dockerfile"
stage('Deploy') {
	sh "oc new-build --name hello-world-3 --binary -n fuse-on-ocp-c8b3 || true"
	sh "oc start-build hello-world-3 --from-dir=/tmp/app/ -n fuse-on-ocp-c8b3 --follow --wait"

I put that Jenkins script on Github, And i call on the fly from my existing project pipeline script,

node('maven') {
	stage('Clone Pipeline') {
		sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
		sh "git clone"
	stage('Clone Code') {
	    sh "git config --global http.sslVerify false"
	    sh "git clone source"
	stage('Start Run from Jenkinsfile on SCM') {
	    dir("jenkinsfile-example") {
		    load  'simple.jenkinsfile'

And this is the output result,

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