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Download A Free Screen Recorder Software (CamStudio), and get A Lot of Crapware

Today i decided to download free Camstudio application from, and perhaps it’s my fault for not reading Terms and Condition, just simple next and next, accept and accept, but what i got is so many crapware.

This is for example,

And i dont even know, what else crapware that i got.
TL;DR, dont use CamStudio, because i uninstalled like 5 minutes after i download this application.


remove highstair application from control panel, it will help remove the unwanted ads on your browsers.

Asiasoft and Ragnarok Online 2, Downloaded 4GBs and Got Nothing.

Today i got a surprising announcement from Asiasoft, somehow Ragnarok Online 2 OpenBeta only available for FOUR South East Asia countries, despite there are eleven countries on SEA

A little bit weird because on their previous facebook status, they said that it will be a “Free to play for All”,

There was no notification whatsoever regarding country limitation for Open Beta before, and i already downloaded 4gbs installer for RO2 client. So basically i spent whole night downloading on my crappy internet connection and i got nothing Hahahaaa.

And i guess it’s just their way of saying "Asgardians! Thank you for helping us out in the stress testing! We have found a problem to solve, and we can't solve it. So we are now going to IP Block most of you instead.".