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How to Extract SRT (Subtitle File) From MKV Movie File on Windows

Ive just download a very good, and a highly recommended anime, Digimon Adventure Tri. It can play well on my laptop, but when i put it on my TV, somehow the subtitle is gone. I notice that it happen because the srt got burn inside the video file.

After browsing for a while, i found out that i can extract my srt using MKVToolNix tools. I downloaded it, and using one of its tools, mkvextract.exe, i can extract the subtitles i wanted from my mkv files.

But first, make sure you use mkvinfo.exe to check your mkv information.

C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix>mkvinfo.exe 
        "C:\Users\edw\Downloads\[HorribleSubs] Digimon Adventure tri - 01 [1080p].mkv"

And find track id for subtitles.

| + A track
|  + Track number: 3 (track ID for mkvmerge & mkvextract: 2)
|  + Track UID: 3
|  + Track type: subtitles
|  + Lacing flag: 0
|  + Codec ID: S_TEXT/ASS
|  + CodecPrivate, length 1934

In this scenario, my subtitle track id is 2 and subtitle format is .ass

Okay, whit that information, i can start to extracting my subtitle file.

C:\MKVToolNix>mkvextract tracks 
        "C:\Users\edw\Downloads\[HorribleSubs] Digimon Adventure tri - 01 [1080p].mkv" 

It will extract subtitle from “Digimon Adventure tri – 04 [1080p].mkv” and put the subtitle on E:\ with named mysubtitle.ass. You can convert .ass file into .srt file easily using online converter tools.

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