Integrating Spring Boot Login with Keycloak or Red Hat Single Sign On

When we are managing many applications, one of the most painful part is managing its user and access right. Because usually different applications have their own user management, and sometimes each user have different credentials between multiple applications.

We can solve this problem by having a one point user management where other application can use this tools for managing their user authentication and authorization. This is where Red Hat Single Sign On (or its opensource product, Keycloak) can comes in handy. It provides an end to end user management lifecyle, from activating a new user, managing them, assigning their access right until deactivating them. On this example, we’ll start with a simple login page by using Keycloak, and how other application (in this example is a Spring Boot app) is connecting to it.

First we need to create a java project with below pom file, im using keycloak-adapter bom and keycloak-spring-boot-starter library for this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""











And perhaps the most important part in this project is, the In here, we are putting our Keycloak’s url, realm name, client name, and secret. Also we are defining that only user with admin role can access a URL with /admin/ pattern.

### server port
server.port=8080 Boot with RHSSO Login

### rhsso configuration

### spring boot ui configuration

### authorization[0].authRoles[0]=admin[0].securityCollections[0].patterns[0]=/admin/*

Next is we need to create a user and role on Red Hat SSO,

After that, we need to create a client and its password,

And put those corresponding values inside

We can test whether configuration works well or not by directly accessing to admin page (/admin/index). A successful configuration would prevent an unauthorized user from accessing admin page by showing a Keycloak login page. Admin page only accessible once a user has successfully login thru Keycloak or Red Hat Single Sign On.

Full code can be downloaded on my github page,

Have fun with RHSSO and Keycloak (H)

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