Deploy a New Application and Building It Using Openshift S2I Feature and a Custom Base Image

Lots of ways to deploy apps to Openshift, one of it is by using oc new-app command. We are trying now to create a new app using corresponding command, but specifying a custom base image for it. For this example, im using a OpenJDK 11 and RHEL 7 base image.

The command is quite easy, run it on your code folder

D:\source> oc new-app --name=spring-boot-2

D:\source> oc start-build spring-boot-2 --from-dir=.

It will create a BuildConfig with the name of spring-boot-2,

D:\source> oc get bc spring-boot-2
NAME            TYPE      FROM      LATEST
spring-boot-2   Source    Binary    3

We can see the detail of our BuildConfig by running this command,

D:\source> oc describe bc spring-boot-2

Strategy:       Source
From Image:     ImageStreamTag openjdk-11-rhel7:latest
Output to:      ImageStreamTag spring-boot-2:latest
Binary:         provided on build

And if we have some code change and want to redeploy, we can run this command

D:\source> oc start-build spring-boot-2 --from-dir=.

It will rebuild the whole image, and using new code which are uploaded from existing source directory.

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