Do A Maven Owasp Library Scan from A Restricted Network

When we talk about DevSecOps, we are talking about a continous integration and delivery but embedded with a security scanning along the way. And one of the best tool for doing a security scanning for your application library is OWASP dependency-check, and thankfully we can embed it to our application and run it thru pipeline by using a Maven plugin.

There is a downside tho, Owasp Maven plugin need to update its vulnerability database regularly online from NVD database which is perhaps not convenient for most enterprise environment where online network access is very-very limited.

But there is one workaround, we can use our repository such as Nexus or JFrog to host our NVD vulnerability database. The concept is pretty much we can see on below diagram,

There are two repository needed to build for fulfilling Maven Owasp requirement. One for java library, and another one for javascript.

Once done, we can check our Maven Owasp scan by using this command,

mvn org.owasp:dependency-check-maven:check -DfailBuildOnCVSS=8 \
 -DcveUrlModified= \
 -DcveUrlBase= \
 -DretireJsUrl= -DretireJsAnalyzerEnabled=false \ 

If build is success, we can see that both our newly-created repository folder is now have multiple files there,

And if failed, we can see this error happen

And if you want to ignore Owasp scan result, you can change failBuildOnCVSS parameter to 11.

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