Fixing Postgresql Error, “initdb: could not change permissions of directory, Permission denied”

Today im trying to install postgresql 9.3 on my windows server 2003 ( old server actually ), and i found a very weird error. Somehow im unable to complete the installation due to error “could not change permission of directory, permission denied”. Below is the complete error stacktrace,

fixing permissions on existing directory D:/PostgreSQL/9.1/data ... 
initdb: could not change permissions of directory 
"D:/PostgreSQL/9.1/data": Permission denied 

Called Die(Failed to initialise the database cluster with initdb)... 
Failed to initialise the database cluster with initdb 

Script stderr: 
  Program ended with an error exit code 

It happen even after i put the installation folder outside “Program Files” folder, due to windows’ Program Files permission folder setting.

After several hours trying, i found out that the workaround is actually simple. I just create a new folder, i named it “dodol” set the permission to “everyone” and install my postgresql into that folder.

postgresql folder installation

postgresql folder installation

And my postgresql is installed without any problem.



about 3 years ago

thanks. it worked



about 3 years ago

Worked for me as well, thanks! I would rather not have had to set this permission though!



about 2 years ago

Cheers, it worked for me


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