Changing JAX-WS Webservice Client’s Target Endpoint Url

Let say you have a wsdl that you get from an url, but you want to fire the webservice generated from it to a different url, see my code below for example,

<service name="TestingService">
	<port name="TestingServicePort" binding="tns:TestingServicePortBinding">
		<soap:address location="http://localhost:8084/WSDLTest/TestingService" />

as you can see, my wsdl is pointing at “http://localhost:8084/WSDLTest/TestingService”. But what if i want to fire my webservice client into another url, without changing the original wsdl. For example, my new url would be

Well, it’s actualy quite easy. All you need to do is only casting the service interface into interface BindingProvider, and add a new url property. This is what my code would look like,

             TestingService_Service tss = new TestingService_Service();
             TestingService testingService = tss.getTestingServicePort();
             ((BindingProvider) testingService).getRequestContext()
                .put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, "");

If you fire your service again, it will point to a new url ( instead of the old one (http://localhost:8084/WSDLTest/TestingService).

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Frustrated engineer

about 2 years ago

I love you! Thank you for save my life with this code! You saved me a lot of time! (L)(L)


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