Usefull *nix Commands

This is my personal note for my most used *nix commands,
who know perhaps someday someone would find it usefull.

i use this to start apache tomcat, im using nohup command to keep my application running after i logged out.

nohup ./ 

i use this to kill an application using it’s process id

kill -9 <pid>

but how to find an application’s process id? Im using ps command for it. In this example im searching for “java” process id.

ps -ef | grep java

this is the command i use for checking whether a particular port is open or not. Im using port 8080 for example

netstat -aon | grep 8080

command for reading a rotating log file,

tail -f edw/modules/system.out

check my command history

history | grep java

im using these syntax to see my AIX peformance

topas –P



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